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For the day to start well, it is important to eat a healthy breakfast.
We bake our bread fresh every morning, as well as pretzels, croissants, rolls or baguettes.
We guarantee that you can get a fresh breakfast every morning and start the day well.
All our sandwiches, be it a hearty liver cheese sandwich, a pretzel or a BLT sandwich, are prepared with love and we only use fresh, regional ingredients for our products.
In addition, we will always have fresh and healthy fruit on offer.
We are sure that you can find something to your taste every morning. Of course, there is also freshly brewed coffee or tea, everything your heart desires,


Lunch menu

At midday, half the day is done for most people.
Time for a powerful meal to replenish new energy.
Our lunch menu changes daily and adapts to the given season.
There is a daily buffet consisting of hot and cold dishes, salad and dessert. In addition we offer an express court and Japanese noodles every day.
In addition, there is a daily Japanese and an International dish.
On top of this, we offer our fresh sandwiches and other treats, so that there is something for every taste.
We will carry out a survey at regular intervals to record food needs and adjust the menu to your needs.
As we only use fresh and regional ingredients, you can look forward to a healthy, balanced and tasty offer every day.
We do not use frozen or pre-cooked food, everything is prepared freshly on the same day.


You want to organize an event?
No problem, let us help you.
We will be glad to assist you with advice and assistance, so that your event will become an unforgettable experience for your guests; be it only in culinary terms or from beginning to end.

We prepare a variety of dishes, from appetizing canapés for a small reception, or a BBQ event, to larger events.

For the day trip of your staff or students, we prepare tasty and energizing lunch packets exactly according to your wishes so that everyone has the right thing to gather enough strength for the day.

Are you planning a party at home, but do not want to cook?
We will be happy to assist you with an experienced chef, who will take care of all your work, so that you can concentrate fully on your guests and enjoy your party to the fullest.

Special Requests

Sweet temptations

Many of us have a desire for a small, sweet temptation once in a while.
Be it in the break with a coffee, or after working with a piece of cake.
Just come over; We always have something for you on offer.
And if you are looking for something special, let us know!
We will fulfill your sweet wishes, be it cakes, small pastries or a cake.


Are you planning an event?
Tell us what you want and we will prepare ev implement your concerns and suggestions so that you can enjoy your event and do not have to worry abouth the preparations.

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