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Cashless Payment

In order to prevent long queues in front of the cash registers, we are using the program "Lunchbox".
"Lunchbox" offers the possibility to organize the entire school day with an ID.
The following identification options are available:

  1. Pin code

  2. Biometric fingerprint

  3. Chip card

  4. Name search

  5. Biometric hand print

  6. Magnetic bracelet


In addition, "Lunchbox" can be connected to your database and an identification for the entire school facility, including library, canteen, building entrance control, lockers and automatic equipment is possible.
You can also use "Lunchbox" to control your entire school bus service: if a child enters the school bus, it is immediately recorded by the system and the information is stored in the secretariat.
We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information on possible usages the program

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