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It is important to pay attention to our Mother Earth.
The topic of the environment is very important to us. It is our aim to convince our customers to think about the welfare of our children.

Food residues

Ecologically Sustainable

"Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall…"
There are remains in every kitchen, even if we do our best to avoid this.
As far as possible, we will continue processing residuals.
We also work with a company that collects food residues and processes them into biogas or exchange them to fresh eggs.
If a school garden is planned, the establishment of a composting system would also be conceivable.

We strive to reduce plastic garbage and other packaging as far as possible.
Waste and garbage are separated and disposed of properly.
For longer breaks in the kitchen, for example during the school holidays, as many refrigerators and appliances as possible are switched off in order to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
This not only saves money, but also helps to protect our environment.
Our aim is to work together with our customers to work on environmentally friendly catering concepts, which at the same time promote the health of employees and children.

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