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Everything Homemade

We put great importance on homemade, fresh and healthy food.
Everything we offer is freshly prepared every morning.
Honestly, there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked pastry when you come to work in the morning.
All our fruits and vegetables are, as far as possible, organic.
Our vegetable supplier, who works exclusively with organic farmers, delivers fresh products every morning. Eggs are delivered twice a week by a local farmer, who in turn takes our food scraps for his pigs.
As for meat, we always try to get the best quality possible and to mainly use local products. We only use meat that is delivered fresh and not frozen. We check the countries and regions of origin every day upon delivery and provide the information to interested parties.
We would be pleased to explain to you in detail how and according to which criteria we choose our daily products and ingredients.
We also have the opportunity to watch our farmers at work.
This is especially interesting for children.

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